Work for Good - 1% of Durant sales are donated to Worldwide Cancer Research

Work for Good Logo

We have teamed up with Work for Good to support a charity very close to our hearts, a charity that funds research into a heinous illness that we want to help eradicate the world over, Worldwide Cancer Research.

Worldwide Cancer Research fund research into any type of cancer anywhere in the world. They fund projects in the world’s best research institutions. They fund world-renowned specialists and up and coming talent and they do all these things for one very good reason - to gain a global perspective. Because research doesn’t happen in isolation. The answers will not come from one scientist, in one lab, in one country and we at Durant want to support the fantastic work they continue to do.

Therefore, 1% of every transaction made on our site will be donated to Worldwide Cancer Research, via Work for Good.

Work for Good is a charity fundraising platform for businesses.  To find out more, visit